Competence Teams

Our competence teams offer you as a member the possibilitiy to develop your skills and  get to know our network.

Communication and legal affairs

This competence team handles the public affairs of the network besides managing all legal issues.  Public relations comprise social media management and creation of own publications whereas the legal tasks contain formulation of the club’s constitution and creation of co-operators contracts.

Events and finances

The Events division within this competence team handles all event-relating matters both internally and externally. In coordination with other competence teams and the financial division, it assures that events are held successfully. Financial relations are wholly managed by the financial division, that makes sure that the association is well on track with its obligations. his team manages all financial matters of the association. The activities include management of member fees as well as sponsor and grants acquisition. Subsequently the Finance team is incorporated in various processes and activities of the association, which include planning the implementation of all A.D.A.N. events.

Human resources

ADAN is dependent on its members, as they are the backbone of the association. The HR is therefore the focal point for responding to membership related matters as well as students and professionals procurement. A further role is the formation and long-term establishment of a talent pool to convey our academic and cultural multiplicity.