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ADAN kooperiert mit Accenture


  • The Afro-German Academic Network (ADAN e.V.) and Accenture enter into a partnership for the professional promotion of Black and People of Color (BPoC) in Germany.

  • With a webinar for young professionals and panel discussions for Accenture employees, Accenture's commitment to inclusivity and diversity is to be further increased and more BPoC talent recruited

  • Digital kick-off event on October 20, 2021

Frankfurt, October 11, 2021 – Increasing commitment to inclusion and diversity – ADAN is pursuing this goal as part of its partnership concepts with companies. The consulting firm Accenture, with more than 600,000 employees at over 120 locations worldwide, has been committed to a strong culture of equality for many years. Inclusion and diversity are among the most important drivers for innovation and are therefore part of the company’s DNA. Accordingly, Accenture’s partnership with ADAN promotes a culture of innovation, inclusion and diversity.


In a joint webinar in October, the company will present how a career start at Accenture can be successful. In a panel discussion moderated by ADAN, BPoC employees from Accenture will provide insights into their career paths. In addition, vacancies at Accenture as part of the cooperation are integrated in the ADAN newsletter. The aim of this initiative: to make Accenture better known as an attractive employer within the BPoC community in Germany with the help of ADAN. Accenture is convinced that diverse teams are more productive, think and act more disruptively and thus improve the work for customers.



“For ADAN, this cooperation is a valuable opportunity to present our community with another well-known partner in addition to Zalando and Goldman Sachs, who is committed to finding access to underrepresented communities with our help,” says Alhaji Allie Bangura, founder and CEO of the ADAN registered association



About ADAN e.V.

The Afro German Academics Network (ADAN e.V.) is a non-profit association that offers a platform for exchange among Afro-Germans, Africans and students interested in Africa, as well as professionals. The association is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main and was founded in 2014. Across Germany, over 400 members in nine cities are part of ADAN. With its work, the network makes diversity and Black and People of Color role models (BPoC) visible for young generations in German society, makes an important contribution to the development of Africa and conveys a differentiated picture of the continent. With various events and formats, ADAN strengthens its members in their personal and professional development and makes a lasting contribution to reducing the structural disadvantages of BPoC in Germany and Europe.

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