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Frequently asked questions briefly answered.

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How did the idea to found ADAN come about?

Founder Alhaji Allie Bangura grew up in Germany as a child of African immigrants. Growing up, he had very few role models. These mostly came from the sports or entertainment world, rarely from other industries. He was also one of the few black people to graduate from high school and go to university. In his circle of friends and acquaintances, there were no people of African descent who had studied in Germany, and it was no different in his everyday professional life later on. This awakened in him the need to create a platform where Afro-Germans, Africans and people interested in Africa could come together, exchange ideas, network and inspire each other in order to make diversity visible in German society.

What are the goals of ADAN?

ADAN is a unique network in Germany, which pursues the following three goals: 1) To be a platform for exchange between Afro-Germans, Africans and people interested in Africa with a focus on personal and professional development. 2) To make diversity visible in German society and to act as a role model for the younger generation through its members. 3) To present a positive image of the African continent.

How is ADAN structured?

ADAN is composed of the executive board, the advisory board and its members in the different regional groups. Each regional group has up to two community managers. There are also many topic-based groups in which you can get involved. You can find out more about them at the get-to-know-you meeting on the phone!

Can only academics join ADAN?

ADAN is open to all students and professionals, i.e. people who have completed vocational training and trainees and  who identify with ADAN’s goals.

Which topics and projects does ADAN work on?

The projects and topics that take place at ADAN are always linked to our association goals. At the beginning of 2020, for example, 5 fellows travelled to Accra, Ghana, as part of the AxD program [LINK to axD page]. Spring 2020 also saw the launch of our mentoring program, in which we support young people on their way into the professional world. New projects are constantly in the works and members are encouraged to present new projects!

Is ADAN also accessible to people without African roots?

Yes! Anyone can become an ADAN member, regardless of origin. You are welcome if you identify with our goals! ADAN is open to all people who have any connection to Africa. It doesn’t matter if you have family connections there or if you are just interested in Africa.

What are the advantages of being a member of ADAN?

There are many benefits to being a member of ADAN! There are many opportunities through our network that allow you to develop professionally and personally, as well as participate in exciting projects such as aXd or the ADAN Career Day. ADAN also allows you to interact with people who are where you might see yourself in 5 or 10 years – so you have the opportunity to learn from them.

What events does ADAN organize and at which external events is the association represented?

ADAN events take place in a variety of different formats. There are GetTogethers , lectures, fairs and workshops that serve different purposes such as getting to know each other, personal development, career advice and diving deeper into Africa-related business topics. Some of our formats include the ADAN Career Day, ADAN Fireside Chat and the ADAN Academy.

How often do ADAN members meet?

ADAN member meetings take place at regular intervals. We organise monthly GetTogethers where existing and prospective members can meet, network and exchange ideas. Additionally members have opportunities to meet each other at our major fairs, lectures and meetings on both the local and national level.


highly engaged members, each regional group has bi-weekly core team meetings to discuss regional plans and activities. Most importantly, as a member of ADAN, meeting with fellow members for fun group activities such as museum visits, movie nights and days in the park is common.


Can I implement my own ideas and projects with the help of ADAN?

A big part of ADAN is networking with each other. So if you have your own projects and ideas that you would like to realize, just let us know! You are sure to find someone who wants to support you and your idea, maybe even as a new ADAN project.

Do you also meet members from other regional groups?

Bei unserer Jahreshauptversammlung kommen ADAN-Mitglieder aus ganz Deutschland zusammen um sich auszutauschen. In regelmäßigen Abständen finden auch deutschlandweite virtuellen Meetings für alle ADAN-Mitglieder statt.

Does ADAN also work together with other associations?

ADAN is always in contact with other associations. We attach great importance to regional and international exchange and also organize cooperative events. We have worked with associations such as InteGREATer, Future of Ghana, EOTO and the Black Young Professionals Network in London. In the context of ADAN Mentoring, we are currently working with the Deutschlandstiftung Integration (German Foundation for Integration) and are also in talks with associations from other countries in order to constantly expand our network.

How much is the membership fee?

The membership fee for students is 40 euros per year. Professionals support our association with an annual membership fee of 60 euros.

In which areas does ADAN need support?

Wir suchen immer Menschen, die motiviert sind, einen wertvollen Beitrag zu leisten. Unterstützen kannst Du ADAN, wo auch immer Du möchtest! Hast Du besondere Ideen, die wir umsetzen sollten? Begeisterst Du Dich für ein Thema, zu dem Du einen Vortrag halten möchtest? Oder kennst Du Personen, die dem ADAN einen Mehrwert bieten könnten? Melde Dich bei uns!

How do I become an ADAN member?

If you want to become a member of ADAN, contact us! Via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, the contact form on our homepage, or reach out and talk to us in person! We will arrange a meeting to get to know you and to give you the opportunity to get to know us as an association.